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Making usable tiles is difficult. I have no artistic ability. Like zero. I figure I’d could get by just by making all the graphics myself, even if it includes making a simple dummy tile. My art direction for the game is simple. Simple simple. No textures, no shadows, no fancy pixel art, just workable, clean and obvious work. That is what I thought about my work, until I really studied what I was doing…

Hmm, maybe its not my own artistic ability. I think the bulk of the problem is that I have no direction. I have no idea where I’m going with a map. I have lots of ideas of how I want the maps to look, but to connect the dots, that’s entirely another story.

To back track… a lot; a while ago, I mentioned an idea I had with my phone. The textpad in it for instance, well for Traders, I was taking note what needed to be done and things I was brainstorming. It works really well for a to-do list. In the past few days I’ve compiled such a list for Mouse as well. One major point I keep looking at is “mapping. Brainstorm and connect”, as well as “concrete storylines/direction”.

I’ve failed this. I’ve failed this project for the last…. decade? Ever since I made a short 2-3 minute demo of “Barratone Fist”, I’ve never accomplished much to this point. It pisses me off.

So… what now?

Make a fucking decision you dumb-ass. Over the next few days I’m going to stop opening up Sphere IDE and open up my notebook. I’m going to concrete some game decisions and physically map out connecting lines to other maps and places. I want to map out story directions, and maps that pertain to them, then, I’ll re-open Sphere and get at it.

This game will be released, I swear to god!


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