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After taking a bit of a break away from polishing up Traders, which is going … alright. Is it funny that it seems redundant to over polish something? Feels like I’m adding some really unnecessary visuals. I think I’m going to tone down some of the effects and worry more about the important effects, such as the transferring of the largest army and longest road, point collecting, new leaders, more or less, not-so-obvious details that need the players’ attention. More on this on a later date.

Anyway, about brainstorming, I’ve been trying to find a good starting point about more direction/motivation about mousetrap, and well, I’ve tried to come up with more concrete definitives about the game. As it appears, I’m a bit torn between the idea of having an open world exploration (what I want) and a little more linear RPG (what my story pertains to). Although, I’ve come up with some good ways to explore the systems that I want to make. It could very well be the best of both worlds. Therefore, I thinking the story may have to be re-written. Nothing major really, just more in the presentation more than anything. Once some more thoughts and planning go into the game, more production can continue. I’ve also come to the idea where a second player, not necessarily human controlled, can come into play. Human controlled could be quite fortuitous as well, but CPU based will be primarily of concern first.

I might show some development sketches in a few days (mainly rough mapping, random scribbles, ugly ugly pictures). But I doubt I ever will.


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