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You know, just killing bugs…

So I fixed a few things. A few important things. But first, I made it so you could actually win the game. It displays a fairly lame message that so and so has won. It’ll be updated later with more information and statistics on the players. Similar to what Asobrain has. I plan on having a database for the players and keep records and such.

Anyways, I did a whole bunch of testing, and nearly finished a game. Before it got crippled. I messed some things up when I use year of plenties, monopolies and robbing. I forgot to sort their hands so it’d hit up an error if you tried to build something right after using one of the cards. So that is fixed now. Then something reared its ugly head. Longest “fucking” road. I want to throw something.

However, I think I found the culprit. A typo goes a long way. Seems as though I forgot to change a single number when I copied over a check, came to be very important. I’m confident that it is resolved.

What a weird day.

I should come up with a legal way to say CCCCC.


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