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I’ve been working fairly diligently on Catan the past couple of weeks and actually have quite a bit to show for it. The server instance is nearly finished now all that is missing is a bit of polish and calculating largest army (easy) and longest road (hard, but just haven’t thought of it yet, I’ll work on algorithm when I get to it). I also accomplished a few others things this past while including word wrapping. I was fairly thrilled how it works so smoothly and how effortless it really was. I added a scroll feature to the message text for inputting large messages you’ll be able to see what you’re typing.

The client side is coming along nicely although as I’m going through it I thought of a better way to run the system. That being everyone should of been a client and the server would be stand alone spitting out information. So now I’m in a little dilemma as to if i should switch it over to that format or continue on. I’m thinking ill continue with what I have and finish it and perhaps as I’m doing it start a new server to replace the old. I’m thinking it’d be smarter just because it feels like I’m doubling a lot of the code.

Hindsight is 20/20 I guess.


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