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Shaping Up…Again…

After a quick little siesta in America (you know, USofA), I went back to Catan. I’ve been plugging away figuring everything out again as to how the engine was modelled. I like the way the  I made it, just … forgot. It’s really interesting to know it’s a lot smoother than working with the earlier version that I had made nearly a year ago now. Everything runs a lot smoother now and basically all I’m really doing is converting the older code into the new framework. It’s a tedious process but I don’t have to re-invent the wheel thankfully!

I’d post a new screenshot, but really, its mainly all back-end work that has been done so far. Of course the game shows the hexes and the chat screen, but, it really doesn’t really do too much. I’m excited for this to come again. It’ll be a nice replacement for Asobrain since that doesn’t allow for new registrations (queue sad face).

More to come I’m sure!


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