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Yes it works… Don’t believe me? Meh. It does and I know it does. Last day of April and the first day of the NHL Playoffs. What a great day! Too bad it started with snow. BOO! Go away April, you’re drunk!

Anyway, I got antsy with Mouse the last few days, starting to lay down the law with myself and simply just create something. The result you may ask? I got some good starter tiles done, a good direction (unfortunately only in my mind) about the opening sequence and the start of the game. What I really need to focus on at the moment is the beginning village and the overall look of it and the areas around it. That is my first priority. It seems I can’t staple myself to something and in all honesty, I’m a little lost in how it should look. I have this vast and glorious picture in my head, but I fail when I try to push it to paper/Sphere. I’ll get it… eventually.

Canasta is a bit on hold for the moment. I just want to refresh my head a bit from the grind. I still gaze at it for a few moments. It’ll be ready by summer.


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