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Crisis Adverted….

I had a bit of a panic attack the last few weeks. I’ve been working on Canasta, implementing the AI, thinking I’ve had the first set of logic completed, ran the test and then I saw a nasty error message.

“Out of Memory”

Fuck me.

I left the project for a couple weeks. I was pretty frustrated. I kept running the code through my mind trying to find the problem and figure out what was causing the leak. Then BOOM! I found it. I use an animate handler that was getting overflowed with information. So in turn I created a animate Query handler to hold the next animate object before it needs to be processed. Thus cutting all the information required to be held at any given time to nearly nothing.

I’ve worked out the kinks the last couple days and now I’m good to hit the next step in the AI, hand control and going into their foot. Bring on the logical nightmares!

In other bloated news, I’ve been slowly documenting odd ideas and pieces of information for Mouse, but in all honesty, I’m not sure where to start. I have this great big vast idea for this game, but not sure how to present it. I have two main¬†dilemmas, first being the perspective, I can’t decide if it going to be a side scroller (think Zelda 2 and Castle Crashers), or do I want to do a more traditional style (Zelda LTTP, FF series). The second dilemma, enemies and user drive. In one way I want to have a world of puzzles and misconception, then in the opposite direction, I want the world to play out like Diablo/Guild Wars type of world. The best, ultimately, would be a good mix of both ideas.


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