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Diablo Intermission…

I’ve took a bit of a break from making games lately. Notably for lack of motivation and the stress of summer. You see, I tend to burn my candle at both ends during the summer months. I play a lot of ball hockey, I golf a lot and I also play ball. It also tends to be the time where my friends and I have a few beverages, which makes me hungover a lot of my free time on the weekends. I’ve owned Diablo III since it came out and have yet to really play it as much as I’ve wanted. The game feels different, really different. I like it, don’t get me wrong, but it feels like WOW. It’s not Diablo, its a weird mix of the idea/characters and then made into some sort of hybrid of WOW, Diablo and Harry Potter.

I don’t hate the game, I’m just a bit disappointed that they tried to make WOW players comfortable. If I wanted to play WOW, I’ll play WOW, let me play the game I feel in love with. I think my biggest beef with the game is cool downs, I’m sorry, but when I was in trouble in Diablo(2), I’d make sure my belt was full of potions and had an escape plan. I miss having items be different sizes in my inventory. I hate not hearing every 20 minutes “I’m overburden”. Give me an updated and new maps of Diablo 2 and I’d be pleased to the 9’s.

I started my first ever hardcore character after I reached Level 10 the first time, I made up to a level 15 with a wizard. I’m subsequently got slayed due to lag. Like seriously, do I have to be online all the time to play? That’s a joke.


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