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Inching along…

Well, bad news first I suppose. I encountered another bug with re-rolling. It’s nothing too serious, but for some reason (which I’ve yet to delve into) the server doesn’t like to re-roll (I’m thinking I’m just not resetting something), I’ll look more into this once I finish my current little project, which I’ll dive into …. now.

I have most of the options working now, you can build roads (only to where you’re allowed to), build settlements when you can and upgrade to a city given you have the resources. It will only allow you to do such things if you have the resources. There are a few things I still need to add to the game, like not allowing players place a settlement/city/road if they don’t have the pieces to do so, also for that matter, development cards (can’t buy if the bank don’t got). I will also be finishing the development cards (showing/purchasing), fiddle the idea of having two robbers, and starting the trade window (which will also harbor the gold mine), and then explore ports. My to-do list seems to gotten a lot larger since I’ve been thinking more of it.

I’ll show a new screen of the new cards and maybe some other nifty things I’ve done. CHOW!


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