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Gallons of Code…

I’ve been chomping at the bit a large quandary lately (did that make sense?). I encountered a bit (I use ‘bit’ a lot) of a problem with rolling to see who goes first. Somehow, (I know now), if I tested the rolling out of order (didn’t use the server first, then the clients), for some reason they had to re-roll their dice for no reason, whether they had to or not. I found the stupid little bug, it rested in the old code for rolling where I had the players take turns, I felt this is a bit unnecessary. I cleaned that all up and I guess its new code? I also double-checked and cleaned the re-Rolling code because sometimes it wouldn’t tell the right people to re-roll, most of it was right already, but I missed the previous bug.

I’ve been tempting myself to put up a game page on lately, but not sure if I want this to be an open project just yet. It’s been more of labor for just my friends and using it for a tool when we can’t get together to play it with the original game.

Here’s a screen of the game by the way…


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