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Late Night Heroics…

Over the past couple of days I’ve worked on networking in Sphere. Needless to say, it’s been a big pain in the ass. I’m getting a bit better at it, but it’s definitely been a headache to say the least. I just really dislike how Sphere’s sockets are set up. It just seems to be repetitive to CreateByteArray’s then read back from them. I should just be able to send the information I want, and retrieve the information I want. Anyways…

I have got to the point where I run the server, it’ll wait til a client has made a connection, then it will transfer the board data from the server to the client. It’s kind of nifty at the moment. Unfortunately however, it doesn’t keep track of who is who, how many people are connected and well, anything really completely necessary. But hey, its a start. I’m exhausted and going to bed.

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