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New Year Progress…

The start of a new year brings new year resolutions. So far, there are only a few personal goals I’d like to meet. For games, I really can’t complain of my passion for finishing a number of projects that I have on the go. Technically speaking I could already release Canasta as a finished project, however it would lack a few aesthetics I want it to have. I’m currently cleaning up the code and making life a bit easier for myself going forward.

I’ve been barring down on Catan, but I can’t honestly say it’ll be done any time soon. Right now it has no server capabilities, no bots, basically you play the game by yourself. I do however feel that  it was necessary to conquer the gameplay aspect of it and just teach myself a lot more about programming. Once I finish tapping it all together, I’m going to start back with the server and piecing it back together.

Little bit of eye candy for all of you. It’s roughly the final graphics, obviously the opposing player panels aren’t finished. More things are still needed. It’s getting closer!

Hopefully it’ll be the year of updates!


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