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Feels like a decade…

I know its been a decent amount of time since I’ve last posted on here, but instead I bring out some good news. I made a 1.0. I completed a game today. This is literally my first game I’ve ever finished. Ok, maybe its truly a 0.9 at best. Although I won’t release it just yet, it needs a lot of finishing touches. Canasta needs a menu, it needs animations, it needs a legend at the bottom for keys (things like the Z key for undo, X/Enter for completing), a loft of debugging code needs to be removed, bugs need to be fixed. There is a couple of bugs that come to mind. One mysterious bug when the computer discards a card it sometimes registers it as a blank. Somehow the computer is allowed to meld single wilds and not have a restriction on the amount of points required. The player becomes at a huge disadvantage. Somehow the checks are missed. On the bright side, no major errors were recorded and I was able to complete an entire game, start to finish.

It’s a small to-do list for what has taken me the better part of a couple of years (although not solid work, but off and on,) its only really been a main project for the last couple of months. I’m happy with the stage the game is at and I’m loving the fact that I can see the finish line. I’m excited to pace through the 0.9 to 1.0 line.


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