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Using Brainpower…

A few late nights now and I’ve got a bit constructed in Catan. I got a fairly basic server connection between peers going on. They are able to chat between each other, although you can’t tell who is talking at the moment (added to ‘to do list’). The biggest thing is the random board generator, currently it only has a couple of basic options, neither of which are shown in the screen below, but they are the ability to show numbers from the start, or through discovery. For testing purposes, I’ve left them shown so I can see if I’ve done it right. I’m proud of the fact that it doesn’t produce on water tiles or on the lone desert. One thing to note is that you’ll notice the numbers aren’t what they’d be in the settlers game, currently they just show what array number they are, not their representation of what it should be. Right now it shows 0 – 9, rather than 2 – 6, 8 – 12. I’m working on a separate function to control what is shown and what is not. Given the hours I’ve been functioning, I’m quite surprised I’ve had the results I have, although its been a workout for the noodle that’s for sure.

Next up on the list is to fix the numbers for the tiles and incorporate all of  this generated information to the server/client relationship. After this, I’ll be working on ports, and the part I’m daunting, available settlement points (where you can legally place towns/cities), and of course roads… ick. I’ll cross that bridge to Japan when  I get to San Francisco.


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