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New Lights…

Been working, testing, and just rummaging around with Sphere lately. I’ve managed to build a connection between a pair of computers and basically send chat back and forth. I’ve decided to modify what I’ve gotten so far and make it so I connect to a central computer (separate instance, server). This way I can handle all the information and collect data easily. I’m still exploring ideas on how to allow users their own entities and what not, but I haven’t gotten much into it just yet.  I’ll post some shots later in the week on the progress (if I do anything).

My plan is to try and make Asobrain in Sphere.  But first, I’m going to set up a private server with no logons/passwords and just have a game, no lobby, just connect and play. Since I don’t have the game, bots, or really anything concrete in the game so I figure that I’ll build the game with all this in mind.


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