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Couple of Snaps…

A little frustration over the last few days while I’m simply attempting to learn Java. It’s a frustrating language, it may be because I’m not entirely sure on the resources I’m using to learn it. I want to make a game that is playable on the web without a separate client, with a database of users. I totally understand I’ll need a server, some sort of secure database (MySQL), but frankly I’m not entirely sure what part of NetBeans I should use, java application, applet… then you get jar files, java files, class files… Oi! I’m certainly considering buying that book I was mulling over in Chapters, it may prove quite useful.

I’ve started with my … Plan C? I’m attempting to make the game in Sphere, which is powered by Javascript (which I know is not Java in any means, I’m not naive). I’m simply more familiar with the operations of Sphere and how it works and I’ve messed around with the tiles (which still need a lot of work as you’ll see below) just randomly placing the tiles. At least I’m liking the sizing of the tiles and placement is near-perfect. I’m enjoying the fact I can weight each supply of the tiles, still have to revamp showing the tiles so that it doesn’t bunch the only possible tile when you monopolize one type (see last screen). I’m thinking of creating a grid in which it maps all the locations with co-ordinates and such (think a big empty play area where tiles could be, but aren’t placed). I know the problem with the last screenshot, just forgot about the possibility of it happening. I need to randomize the selection after it has been determined from the weighted resources. Now that’s just a bunch of ramble… now pictures!

Good Night!


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