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The word ‘hiatus’ should be deleted…

Frankly I’m too good at putting things on a hiatus. Way too many projects and goals. Since January flew out the window already this year, I figure I might as well start anew in February.

New Projects on the rise:

Settlers of Catan; First version will be a replica of original game in board game form, but instead, mainly made out of metal. Although I’m considering using the original wooden pieces since I’m having a hard time finding either another wooden piece, or aluminum bits to replace them. I have found wooden replacements for the robber(s), towns and possibly cities. I’ve already made 53 hexagon pieces, 10 for each resource and 3 deserts. I’m considering changing it to add ‘gold mines’ to the mix. I’m not sure how many of each is really required for our game. The entire idea came from our regular game when I’m back in Saskatchewan on holidays, usually we play with extra tiles, a couple of robbers and a different set of numbers.

Second version: A computer version. You see, the problem being that Asobrain closed down registration early last year (or the one before that) so my friends and I couldn’t re-register our accounts. So, in turn, I’ve been busy learning Java and I’m hoping to replicate said site. So this project will be in production until one of three things happen, I finish this project, I beg Aso and Brain for their code and they give it to me, or, they re-open their registration again.

Finish Canasta and Mouse.

I’ve yet to actually start on the computer version of Settlers of Catan as I’m still attempting to learn java. I’m getting most of the concepts and structures of the language, still haven’t got to the point where I can actually start production on the project.

More later.


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