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Hmmph, Not even going to go there…

I’m just going to ignore the fact that I haven’t updated since April and just get on with it. Oh crap, I just acknowledged the fact. Did you know that every time I think of ‘acknowledge’ I think of admiral Akbar in Star Wars? Sure do, fun fact. Anyways, I’ve been doing some diligent work on Canasta as of late and I’m nearly finished all of what the player is able to do. Well actually, the player can do everything they choose, I just have to limit them so that all their moves are legal. The only few things I have left to do is limit the ability to “go out” when they aren’t legal to do so. At first I was going to penalize them if they were to, but that wouldn’t be true as to how my family plays the game. However, later on I will add this as an option, but that’s simply aesthetic. After I’m finished that little blub (which will be completed later today), I’ll be working on counting points and resetting the hand to the next one. That also includes adding in some sort of score sheet that can be displayed directly after that hand finishes, and call be called at any time during play.

NHL11 came out just over a month ago and I’ve been hooked yet again, that could be the reason for lack of updates, but needless to say, it’s absolutely fantastic, there isn’t nearly as many glitches in the game as previous couple of years, but they are relatively easier to protect against so the game isn’t as painful to play. I also made Legend status a few days, at my 151st game. Which is crazy. You need to play 150 games and have an A- rating to earn it, so doing it with just an extra game attached was a bit unheard of. Last year I think I played nearly 300 games before I got it. I’m really enjoying this game this year, I’m just hoping they’d tune it just a bit more yet, but I can’t wait for the monthly playoffs again as it was truly a great experience.

Enough for today, like I’ve said before, I’ll try and be a bit more cognizant in the future with this blog… but you know, it happens.

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