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Accomplished the Impossible…

So, Moral victory number one… I got my Legend card in NHL10.

Stupid crazy eh? I went home after work today with two determinations… do the dishes, or get the internet fixed. The main plan was to play one game of hockey, realize my internet is still fubared and then phone up Shaw and give them a wonderful piece of my mind. Instead, my internet seemed fine at the beginning with a couple of lapses which was expected with a 12-man game. So I finished with decent stats and rushed to check my performance tracker, still held up at a B+. So I plopped myself into another game, 3 on 4. Me and another guy were playing defense and had a human goalie, and the other team had an array of guys with a human goalie as well, so big deal. We jumped out early with a 1-0 lead. Anyways, after the game I was astonished to find that I was straight A+’s. A little baffled I decided to check out the hockey shop first and check to see if the Tough Guy boost pack was unlocked since that’s one of the things you get once you unlock your legend card. Hmmm.. nothing, needless to say I was a little bummed out, but decided to check out my performance tracker anyways.

There it was… all shiny and gold like. I finally did it. And all I wanted to do is phone up my buddies and spread the word, but then I realized that it would be 3am there and decided against it. The only draw back after I threw my points away and finished up a celebratory game is that …. hmmm… now what?

Now that my dishes are piling up and the night winding down a few things become immanent, its late in the day and more things to do in the morning. Yippy, off to bed I go so I can actually get some things done tomorrow.

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