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Daily Archives: December 8, 2009


I’m really starting to think I should stop saying up really late into the wee hours of the morning constantly. Not to mention I turned down quality cuddle time with the misses. I watched the movie The Guardian tonight and for one, I’m starting to think I’m a closet Kevin Costner fan. I like a lot of the movies he’s done. Even the bad ones like Waterworld. But it really makes you think of your values in life. Do you want to be unselfish and help others or do you want to think of yourself and get what you want and live happily. Or you could help others. I really think the movie is trying to teach everyone that it is fantastic that you can and should (within your personal limits) help As much as you can. The catch is that no matter the situation, you are number one.

Not that I really think that this relates to me in any particular way, but it made me start to think a lot about my son and the mother of my son. I really think I’m being selfish. Wait I know I’m being selfish. I took the easy way out and I regret it. I find it pretty sad that the girl i’ve been seeing the last couple months knows about my child, yet my best friend since he 3rd grade does not. Somethings a little fucked up.

On a different note, I looked into iPhone development. That was shot down really quickly. You apparently need a Mac. Which ain’t going to happen.

Good night to the millions who read.