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Thoughts and Frustrations…

I keep forgetting about this and don’t realize I could be blogging instead of sitting on my ass. First off, I bought an iPhone a few days ago and personally I love it. I never really thought I’d like it.

I was initially thinking of getting a blackberry but was convinced by a friend to consider an iPhone instead. Mainly on the argument that a Blackberry is more for business people and an iPhone is for fun. I do love it.

I have also got some more retail therapy with buying a Wii a couple weeks ago. So I’ve been adventuring through the virtual console and through the new super mario bros. Wii. Awesome I tell ya.

I spend a lot of time flipping through ads on Kijiji and managed to score the Guitar Hero World Tour set for cheap, so I’m the proud owner of that as well.

Maybe I should consider doing some Christmas shopping for others instead?


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