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So possibly a bit of neglect perhaps? Yea I’m thinking so!

Anyways, progress over the last month? Hmm… Nothing much to really speak of really. I haven’t touched Sphere at all, which means no work on either Mousetrap or Canasta. I’ve been dabbing a bit into ASM code and looking more and more into ROMs, but nothing to really convince me to go in that direction.

As for what I have been doing lately, I’ve recently tagged up with a girl and we’ve been spending a sick amount of time together which has been great. I have also in my possession a copy of NHL10. Which has been a life suck. I’m currently in the hunt for the Stanley Cup with the Columbus Blue Jackets (the team I got drafted by 1st overall) and we are in the semi finals against the Ducks. I also started up a tough guy on Defense, mainly to get a pair of 3 slotted skates for my player and I’m currently up with the big club in New Jersey, five games in and still up. Things are going good. Now to win another 5 or so fights to get my skates. On the side I’m also working through Battle for the Cup with every team (daunting task I must say, 7 game series with every team) and currently finished doing Boston, only 27 more teams. Good God.

Back to NHL I go!

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