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New Tides…

I spent a bit of time today plugging away on Mousetrap and getting the bat to work properly. So now I’ll have to add in some collision detection, some enemies and the ability to deal damage and take damage. I’m still debating on whether or not to add in an RPG like element in regards to experience and leveling up. I am thinking that I’ll stick more to the original Zelda roots and omit that particular feature. I still have no thoughts of the health meter. I guess I’ll just tinker around some more. Maybe a new shot in the coming days.

After a couple of poor and dismal dates, I guess third time is the charm. Funny, I was just in bed with this beautiful girl and the other one, the bad date number one, texts me drunk at like 2 in the morning. I enjoyed a good laugh. Anyways, future is looking bright, and speaking of bright, going golfing at 10am tomorrow, unfortunately, I have to get up at 8, since it’s an hours drive. BOO! Hopefully I’ll Tiger Woods it up.

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