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Wow… That was terrible…

I went ahead and watched District 9 last night, my god, that was such a piece of shit. Never, ever, ever, rent it when it comes out, it’s atrocious. Garbage.

Anyways, I ended up doing some Paperboy for the NES a bit earlier and my god, that is a hard damn game. I got to Tuesday and gave up nearly after that. I was pretty tempted to do what I did in Yo!Noid with playing around with save states to edge through the levels but got lazy. Then I switched to Zelda 2 for NES and started that up and I can’t find the god damn candle. What the hell. Its important, so where the fuck.

Anyways, this was a gar-balled post, just too tired to make real comments and opinions, maybe tomorrow night.


2 responses to “Wow… That was terrible…

  1. Aiden R September 17, 2009 at 6:40 am

    Thought the exact same thing, District 9 was whack. But Paperboy is awesome. Zelda 2, not so much. I am error.

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