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District 9…

Today before work had started my boss had said he seen District 9 the night before and said he barely even finished half the movie because it was just that bad. So, I’m going to see/torture myself to watch it tonight and see what I think of it. Cross your fingers.

I picked up NHL 10 earlier today and played it a bit earlier before work and a bit after work.  It’s absolutely amazing, although I’m really not a fan of the boosting system, I love the idea of custom equipment, but the bonuses are just a terrible idea. Thanks for fucking up a great game. I can wait to see a bunch of retards in camo gear. I started off a Be A Pro career first with my goalie and ended up getting drafted 2nd overall by Columbus, then a started a new one being a Defensive Defenseman and got drafted first overall. I’m thinking I unlocked a +3 boost somewhere because I have one now. Some of the custom stuff is pretty neat though. I really want the ninja looking stuff.

Hmm… maybe I should just make a Let’s Play on NHL10… haha. Actually I’m thinking of doing one Zelda II. We’ll see, I wasn’t too fond of it when I first played it.

I haven’t done any work on mouse this week, I plan on getting back into hopefully, but with NHL10 being out now, work could become pretty scarce. I’ll try tomorrow or hopefully on the weekend.


One response to “District 9…

  1. Aiden R September 16, 2009 at 5:45 am

    I didn’t like District 9 either, it wasnt’ THAT bad, but I’d go for NHL 10 if I were you.

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