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Eventful, long Saturday night…

I spent most of my Saturday lounging around and relaxing as I was just in a lazy mood. I spent a good portion of the earlier morning hours watching 8-bit Death on Rob was playing the original Legend of Zelda on an emulator and broadcasting it for us all to see. Anyways, either he wasn’t familiar with the game or just not very video game savvy, so I decided to fire up my own play through. I ran all the way up to the 8th dungeon and my RockNES decided to freeze on me. I was pissed. Although it was a lot farther than I’ve been able to get on my actual NES, since that decides to reset or die periodically, I was still mad. So i was like, ok, whatever, I’ll restart and load up the save state. Yea, figures, just finished level six. So I stopped and watched Rob knock out Ganon.

Anyways, getting to the point of the story, I’m putting Mousetrap on hold for now (and for story issues), and have decided that I either want to make a re-tooled version of the original, a complete remake of the original on Sphere, or… make an entire new game but with the Legend of Zelda feel, basically the same mechanics (roughly) but with alternative graphics and objectives. Which bring me to another point, basically making a Mousetrap/Zelda cross. Which in theory (for me) would be ideal and rewarding experience for myself, something I’ve always wanted to do. I’m quite the fanboy. So maybe see some progress in the coming while, as long as I work on it. *snicker*


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