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New Flavor…

The new re-write of Canasta has been coming along pretty nicely besides a few of transition hiccups. All in all though, pretty good so far. I’ve hit a little bit of a stumbling block in terms of how to handle all the card changes and separate menus for the player to make it more efficient and less bulky. I have changed it so I can call all the players’ cards individually, rather than mass blitting all of them every frame, which should improve frame rate dramatically.I also re-colored a card back design, its now flaming red. It looks kinda neat. I’ll dabble with some more later.

I’ve been scratching some notes at work about Mousetrap and finding it useful to fill in some of the production holes of previous attempts at the game. Mainly I’ve been doing a lot of brainstorming for not only puzzles, but places and events within the game. Right now, unfortunately, it seems that I’ve created two separate games and now I’m trying to find the proper glue to piece them together. The main hurdle for the game right now is the idea of having the game take place in a single building (linked with ‘skywalks’ and elevators) or have the game divided and the setting be more of a campus feel. Where it is still tight knit, but separate structures. Once I have more plans of what I’m doing, work will commence. I just want to do this project properly this time.

Apparently the word of the day is ‘separate’.


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