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Brain aneurysm…

I was tempted to teleport all my old posts from the blogspot address to this one, but then it’d look like I’m a crazy twitter addict who can’t kick the crack. Anyways, I’ve been melling over the layout/placement of cards in canasta. I’ve been focusing on a few things, mainly, cutting down the resolution and framerate. But, of course I’ve had a hard time doing so with keeping the ease of what’s what. I guess I could come up with a low-res, low requirement version afterwards that uses a not-so-appleasing set up.

Although, I have noticed a couple of things that I will be changing, but most of it happens behind the scenes. I thought of a couple of better ways to handle the bulk of the drawing of cards, most notably splitting what the player can change and what he can’t, as well as adding more properties to his cards for easier tinting and movement. Hopefully that could throttle up some FPS.


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