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Avoided a hiccup…

I was watching comedy central this evening and watched the roast of Flavor Flav, or whatever the hell his name is. Anyways, I’m really enjoying their roasts and are generally fairly funny. Definitely hats off to Lisa Campanelli. Hysterical.

Anyways, I’ve implemented melding with picking up the pile in Canasta. It was at first thought, an easy insert and what I thought wouldn’t be much of a problem. Then I started adding it in…

I had to do a couple of re-writes of the pickup pile code and modified them fairly drastically to make things mesh together. I’m heavily considering a re-write of the entire menu/display code as I find myself re-using a bunch of function and a lot of it has been kind of copy & pasted. That will commence after I finish putting in the remembering sequences for the vertical menus and adding in the players’ foot hand.

I’ve been so excited to see all the changes they’ve made to NHL10 and have been anticipating this release until David Littman’s blog. Come on, funky equipment that gives you bonuses to your stats? Please… take that garbage out, that is ridiculous. I guess I’ll be giving the EASHL another pass again this year. First year is the juice/black hogans, now its pink gloves and camo gear. Thanks for taking a great game and blowing it at the finish line. I don’t mind the customation options of the gear, I like that, but the stats increases? Fuck off.

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